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Today’s is Valentine’s Day and I am happy.

He has surprised me with dinner reservations to a nice restaurant in a neighboring city, and perhaps even more profound, he’s set boundaries with his daughter to protect those plans.

I surprised him with a card this morning.  And I felt happy.  Happy to give.  And then happy to let go.

Last night’s CoDA meeting was very good.  So many good shares.  Several laughs.  Some tears.  But hope.  I gave one of my best shares yet.  And found myself jotting notes after of things said during the meeting that I just have to remember.

One was the affirmation: I am precious.

Said by a single mom and admittedly only to herself in her private life, “I am precious,” became my biggest takeaway of the evening.

I am precious. 

The Bible talks about how we are precious in God’s eyes. But how we often forget to regard ourselves in the same light.  What difference would it make if we did?

Precious denotes value.  Precious suggests rarity.  Precious things are to be cared for with thoughtful intention, and gentleness.  Precious things are to be carefully loved.  Precious things should not be toyed with.  They are to be safeguarded, uplifted, and honored.

Lately, I have struggled to treat myself as precious.  My inner monologue has been demeaning and self-critical.  I’ve repeated squeezed the softest parts of my hips, thighs, and stomach, and frowned.  I’ve let myself feel less than, not good enough, and an awkward use of space.  I’ve belittled my interests.  (Yesterday’s writing was such a moment.)

So often, we treat ourselves in ways we would never treat another.  Constant derision does not make for a healthy relationship–most especially with ourselves.

Today’s meditation calls us to love.

It is the Love Day…Do something loving for yourself.  Do something loving and fun for your friends, for your children, or for anyone you choose.  Whatever your circumstances, we can be grateful that our heart is opening to love.

I sent Valentine’s Day cards to the kids earlier this week, with a dollar stuck inside each.  I gave him a card this morning.  But there are other ways to love, too.

An idea struck me during my CoDA meeting that seemed very important–love is letting another’s word be just that.  Loving is trusting.  Loving is believing.  Loving is appreciating a person for who they are in the moment.

Love is not silently analyzing every inflection.  Love is not ruminating over the emphasis placed on certain words.  Love is not catastrophizing when something is not said or done.  Love is acceptance.

Love is also precious.

Like me.

Like you.

And it’s time I treat myself as such.



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