Dear Future Husband

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Thank you for helping me forget about today.  The day I did crazy.  Again.  The day I sat in the living room and heard, “You’re hard to handle,” and I silently responded, “Yes, but I’m worth it.”

Thank you for making me feel whole and complete even when I feel small and lost.  I never feel small with you.  You are like a treasured book, worn from years of love, but sturdy.  Soft, yet predictable.   A plot that is well-paced but certain, and whose message is the same though I may get a coffee stain on its pages, dog-ear the corner, or drop a warm croissant on its cover–butter-side down.

You are always there for me.  Patient beyond your years.  And with a loving spirit in your eyes.  When I test your limits, I see you take a deep breath and look at me with resolve to try again.  You love me.  You’ve never given me any reason to doubt that.

You are my pillow at night, my best friend during the day, and the strongest man I know.

Your laugh is loud, your handshake strong, and your touch gentle.

You love having me near you–not in a commanding way, not in a way that you show me off to those in the room, but in a way that the last piece of a puzzle fits–you feel I complete you and I know you complete me.

You’ve helped me laugh at myself.  You’ve held me as I cried.  You’ve let me use your shirt as a Kleenex, and you’ve made me smile with flowers when I least expected it.

You’ve never forgotten a birthday, anniversary, or holiday.  You always insist we have cake to celebrate the kids’ birthdays though they may not be with us.

You care about my kids. Deeply. You ask about them. You show interest in them. You know their names and their birthdays and you are always eager to know what they’re doing. You enjoy their goodnight texts as much as I do. And you show up for them and for me. Even when its inconvenient for you.

You are hardworking and successful, but are always a text away.  You give me a bear hug everyday you walk in the door. You kiss me each morning, and call me “Darling” and “Beautiful.” I love the way you kiss my neck and I love how you cannot sleep unless I’m nuzzled in yours.

You give the best backrubs and are a good sport when I tickle your sides and feet.

I like that you spontaneous give me little gifts–flowers, a new book, a trinket–simply because you think I might like it. I love that you made me an important part of your family, and always a priority.

I like how you encourage me to pray with you, and I like how important church is to you even when I don’t feel like getting up early. I like how you love my cooking, and my curves.

I like how your eyes sparkle when you see me, even when you’re mad. I like how you have lunch with me often, and everyone knows you at work because you make things that are important to me important to you.

I love that you taught me how to throw a football and change a flat tire. I am still laughing about the lessons you gave me on how to drive a stick shift. And do you remember when you took me to that bookshop in that tiny little town and let me browse for hours while you kept ordering me coffee and tea? That is one of my favorite memories of our time together.

I like that you’re a bad singer but you sing anyway, especially when you’re trying to get me to cheer up.  I like that we sit on the porch swing to watch the sun go down and the stars come up. I like how you read to me when my eyes are too tired. And how somehow a chocolate bar with hazelnuts always finds its way into the freezer.

You like football and baseball and cry at romantic movies. And you always hold me close during a scary movie. You’re not a very good dancer, but you try.  But you’re very good at woodworking and building things. When I mentioned how I was interested in rose gardening, you built me a rose garden. When I mentioned a watch I liked, it somehow wound up under the Christmas tree without another word.

You are quiet but have a few good guy friends and when you’re all in the kitchen laughing, well…that’s my favorite sound in the whole world.

I love the way you say my name–I’ve never heard it sound that way before. And I love how you pull me into a hug often and without announcement. You love flannel shirts on the weekends, and lazy Saturday mornings in bed. You make the best blueberry pancakes.

You are my rock. In every way. Strong physically and in demeanor. Strong for me. Strong for you. Strong for us.

I’m so grateful God brought us together.


Your Future Wife


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